At World Technology Solutions, we are dedicated to providing IT services to local businesses seeking high-quality services and reliable performance. Our team is highly experienced, skilled and proficient at performing the following tasks - Networking, Cabling & Wiring, Office Relocation, Asset Audit, Digital Signage, Hardware Installation, Site Surveys.


We help our customers with the setup, maintenance and decommissioning of their network systems.

Cabling & Wiring

We work skilfully and efficiently to get the IT equipment of our clients up and running. This can be anything from getting a ground-up project up and running to remodeling as well as making additions or improvements to the existing workplace.

Office Relocation

We help remove and relocate the IT equipment of our clients from their old locations and reinstall them in their new locations. We also make sure that their IT infrastructure is tip-top so that their business is up and running in no time, and does not face any interruptions.

Asset Auditing

We perform physical audits as well as inventory and tagging of all IT equipment.

Digital Signage

Feel free to call us for all digital menu, boards and signage requirements, as well as TV installations. We take care of all the necessary wiring skilfully and help mount the digital board proficiently!

Hardware Installation

We help in the installation of all office technology including Phone Systems, IP cameras, Workstations, Printers, PCs, Routers, Switches, Access Points, Digital Signage and lots more!

Site Surveys

At World Technology Solutions, we also perform site surveys to assess the work environment of our clients and offer services that cater to their needs accordingly!